Beauty brands and retailers are invited to place nominations for the most successful social media channels at the #beauty20 Awards

On this photo: NUM Nutrition team celebrating the big win in Los Angeles!

2018 The annual #beauty20 Awards, created by INNOCOS events (, will be held on February 8 during the INNOCOS summit in Miami, Florida.

Beauty brands, retailers, bloggers, and consumers are invited to nominate and vote online for their favorite beauty brands in each respective #beauty20 category (including the best of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more, including a special category for the Best Beauty Startup). The nomination deadline is October 31 2017 from which judges will select the top 5 finalists in each of the 10 categories. Public voting will be open from May 20, leading up to the awards ceremony where highly regarded beauty brands, retailers and selected bloggers will be in attendance, amongst the nominees.

The winner will be determined by 100% consumer’s vote. Voting is opened now on website:

Winners are required to attend the awards ceremony. They will be presented with a beautiful custom-designed trophy and will benefit from visibility on major online beauty channels and beauty bloggers outreach.

ABOUT THE #beauty20 AWARDS: The #beauty20 Awards were initiated in Paris in 2013 by INNOCOS events to praise the most groundbreaking innovations in digital marketing among beauty brands. You can nominate, vote and subscribe to receive updates at

ABOUT KGS: KGS B.V. is a global organization whose goal is to deliver quality network for senior executives in marketing for beauty Industry. Their INNOCOS events cover strategies in consumer insights, marketing, e-commerce, digital and retailing, as well as innovation in product development, design, branding and packaging. The conferences are developed through thorough research and a deep understanding of the critical concerns facing professionals, experts and leaders who have deep knowledge and practical experiences in their respective areas.

On this photo: Winners of the Best Facebook in London Nu Skin team representatives, how gorgeous, makes me want to know more about their beauty products:-)