Matthijs van der Putten

Matthijs is the global head of digital for Maybelline New York, the number 1 makeup brand worldwide. Responsible for the development of the overall digital strategy for the brand focused on translating: education, fashion, innovation and the New York lifestyle in digital campaign concepts that work across the world. Developing a strategy that is focused on specializing the role of digital media in the media mix that works for a cosmetics company.

After starting his career in trade marketing at the REDKEN brand in the L’Oreal group, Matthijs was one of the pioneers in digital media in the L’Oreal group developing a digital strategy for the L’Oreal Paris, Garnier and Maybelline brands in The Netherlands and Belgium. Through trial and error he identified a model that delivered a positive ROI on digital media for cosmetics products that was measured in research vs traditional channels: TV and print. Where digital media is specialized on creating positive consumer advocacy, generate trial, educate on how to create complete looks with products and engage in one on one conversation to increase the proximity of the brand.

As a global citizen Matthijs Studies Business Studies in in England and has a master degree in Business Administration from RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and worked in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and United States. Besides digital media he has a passion for long distance running.

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