Rebecca Black

#beauty20 Celebrity Host

At 19-years-old, Rebecca Black is a teenage girl with anextraordinary story. First introduced to the world with her viral hit single, “Friday,” Rebecca is now preparing for her long awaited return to music.  She has grown up so much and it is increasingly obvious that Rebecca is on her way to becoming an amazing artist with a thirst for adventure and knowledge.


Only 13-years-old at the time, Rebecca Black became a household name overnight. Her music video for “Friday” was shared and viewed by hundreds of millions of people, and became the fastest growing viral video,ranking No. 1 on YouTube in 2011. It was that song that was stuck in the heads of millions. During that same year, Rebecca’s positive attitude and charismatic personality landed her the title of Choice Web Star at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.


Since then, Rebecca has successfully leveraged the YouTube community to transition to the next stage of her career. With over 1 million subscribers, she shares not only her love for music, beauty and travel, but advice on being fearlessly comfortable with yourself.


Rebecca has a unique perspective and interesting story to tell. Her experiences, combined with her tireless dedication to honing her craft the past several years, have led to more mature and developed music that tells a story that is meaningful and real.





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