Fuel PR

Fuel PR  (@Fuel_PR) is one of the UK’s leading boutique public relations consultancies, specialising B2B/B2C Hair, Beauty, Health, Wellbeing & Nutrition to assist premium national and international companies ranging from niche entrepreneurial brands through to global players to achieve and maximise strategic, creative, high profile and award-winning public relations campaigns which fuel brand/company market differentiation, commercial growth and success.

Fuel’s team includes regulatory, marketing, public relations and retail expertise to provide clients with seamless marketing team extension within the UK, Europe and global arenas.  Our brand watchwords of Power, Passion and Energy fuel our entrepreneurial, best in class, results-focussed culture.  Our team is happy, stable, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive to work with.  We are here to help you create and deliver exciting, effective and cost-efficient communications programmes.  Fuel up for new PR success!