Wall of Fame

Nick Bamber, ASDA


Nick recently spoke at #beauty20 London with great impact to our audience. We found his presentation both motivational as well as practical. The delivery really showed his passion for the topic of digital marketing.
Our delegates found lots of inspiration and interesting information in his speech and it was a big success! I would highly recommend Nick as a keynote speaker on the topic of e-commerce and digital marketing.

Hana Ben-Shabat, AT Kearney


We have been very excited having Hana speaking at innoCos Digital and she exceeded our expectation. She has presented very interesting and relevant topics for our audience, which led to discussions and lots of questions. We found her presentation as an extremely well prepared, with excellent content and great details. Hana is very strong professional speaker and we would love to have her speaking at more of our events.

Lori Singer, Coty

lori singer

Lori was rated as the top speaker at the innoCos Digital summit in New York, presenting an amazingly engaging and interesting case study, with great insights and very informative Q&A session. Her presentation was engaging, relevant and provided a new way of thinking. We highly recommend Lori as outstanding presenter and expert in her field.


Michael Dubin, Dollar Shave Club

michael dubin

Michael Dublin’s presentation was one of the most anticipated by many of us and he presented an incredible success story, inspirational and entertaining at the same time. His presentation created a great opening speech with a clear strategy of one of the most successful new launches with incredible future plans and we are so proud to have him speaking at innoCos Digital New York.


Kelly McDonnell & Vimla Gupta Black, Bobbi Brown

kelly mcdonnel

As one of the top speeches at the innoCos Digital summit in New York, Vimla and Kelly presentation touched some of the most important topics of omni-chanel marketing and presented a great perspective regarding starting with digital first. Their presentation gave useful tips that our attendees can incorporate in their own social media practices and this is exactly the type of speeches which are the most popular at our events.


Isabelle Cinquin, L’Oreal

isabelle cinquin

Phenomenal job at the Beauty 2.0 presentation in Paris! It was absolutely incredible… and after reviewing all the feedback, we can tell that everyone thought that Isabelle’s presentation was dynamic, insightful, intelligent and business driven. Everyone was so enthusiastic, that they rated it as the best presentation for the whole event. We recommend Isabelle as very bright, insightful and top level speaker.


Elizabeth Fagan, Boots Company

elizabeth fagan

Elizabeth brought such terrific energy and dynamic to the Beauty 2.0 summit in Paris. Her presentation was sharp, straight to the point and very informative. Everyone left the room with a renewed perspective on best practices of connecting and engaging with customers in the 21st century. We recommend Elizabeth as a passionate speaker, with good structure and a clear message. We would be honored to work with her again.


Nicole Ostoya, BOLDFACE

nicole ostoya

Nicole is a very informative and passionate speaker. Her presentation was well structured, had a clear message and communication style. She presented us new ideas in an interesting and clear way with inspiring examples. We were very impressed by the quality of insights, focus on themes and level of engagement.


Lisa Lipkin, Founder, StoryStrategies

lisa lipkin

Lisa once again delivered an enthusiastic presentation and was rated as the top speaker of the whole 2 day event. Our audience not only loved her presentation style, which sounds like a smooth well told story which you can listen to all day, but the fact that tips are presented in a way that you can use right away when you get back to the office. It was a very relevant presentation, with practical insights, inspiring and a perfect
reminder to be passionate. We have learned that by having Lisa Lipkin present at the event it sets the right tone and energy whilst guaranteeing success for us as event organizers.


Sourabh Sharma, Communication & Social Media Research Expert,SKIM

sourabh sharma

Sourabh is a real professional who pitches what he preaches and one of the best examples who lives and breathes social media. He presented incredibly rich information, great insights and an interesting mindset in an entertaining and compelling way. One of the best indicators of a successful speech is when attendees ask to hear more at the end and this was certainly the case with Sourabh’s presentation. The content was very well prepared and researched, thinking about the audience and meeting their needs. We heard many complements long after he presented his speech and we are very proud to have him contribute to the success of the innoCos USA.


Matthijs van der Putten, Global Head of Digital, Maybelline, L’Oréal


What an honor welcoming Matthijs to present at our innoCos USA conference! We knew before the event that having Matthijs speaking would add great value to the programme and our expectations were exceeded when he delivered a first class speech that was a pleasure to listen to. We found his presentation as an extremely well prepared case study, with excellent content, great detail and examples, clear and clever. Feedback from our attendees included, ‘absolutely amazing, professional and a very strong speaker’.


Valerie Hoecke, Benefit Cosmetics

Benefits WallofFame3

Valerie’s speech presented us with a fantastic case study filled with concrete examples and key milestones. Her presentation style was clear and precise with an exceptional attitude – presenting a great image for Benefit Cosmetics. Our attendees found her presentation hands-on, practical and useful. Valerie is an absolutely talented, professional and inspiring speaker.


Rachael Ostrom, Aveda

Aveda WallofFame

Rachael’s speech was rated as one of the best due to her excellent content and delivery. She presented us with an open story on how innovation takes place in Aveda. Interesting and convincing. Great content delivered by a great professional, we are honored to have had such a high level speaker attend our event.


Elizabeth Angles d’Auriac, Sephora

1.Elizabeth Angles d'Aurac

We found Elizabeth Angles d’Auriac as a true brand ambassador of the Sephora brand by projecting an incredibly open, enthusiastic and positive energy from the moment she entered the room. Her speech was rated as the best from the two day event, which came as no surprise. The attendees found her an excellent speaker with the best presentation style and an interesting topic. Elizabeth presented great insights about Sephora needs and mission with good examples and very relevant content. A very inspiring, innovative, informative presentation with clear identification of internal innovation at Sephora – convincing, practical and informative. Simply a clear and impressive presentation. We would be honored to have Elizabeth speaking at any of our future events again.